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Thank you for visiting PeggyLovesVintage, the site for Vintage Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Father's Day, New Baby, Mother's Day and Wedding card images. The images are perfect for any crafting need:

  • card making 
  • custom cards 
  • scrapbooking 
  • clip art 
  • web pages 
  • logos 
  • fabric transfers 
  • cross stitch patterns 
  • anything else that requires an image. 


Each CD and Cut Out is unique and contains images from an extensive personal Vintage scrapbook collection containing thousands of cards. The collection ranges in dates from 1908 through the early 1960s.

These images are NOT from Internet surfing and using a copy and paste. Each image came directly from an individual card which was individually scanned. The scanned image is then cleaned up and restored while keeping the integrity and vintage feel of the image.  

The scanned images are high resolution, scanned at 600 dpi and saved in the .jpg format. This provides a high quality image suitable for enlargement or reduction in order to satisfy  your every image need. Although the size of the resulting .jpg file differs for each image, most of the files are larger than 1.5 meg in size. This results in fewer images per CD but provides a better quality image for your projects.

The graphics are wonderfully bright and vivid. Use the graphics or the sentiment or both to create a project. The images are great for scrapbooks, clipart, decoupage, greeting cards or any other craft project .

A crop utility will produce great borders, patterns for backgrounds or paper and frames for pictures. The wonderful characters or the beautiful flowers are sure to provide unique and beautiful embellishments.

Below is a sample image, showing the quality of the images. The full sized scan image is 2930 x 3542 pixels. This image is too large to include on this page. But, included below are reduced images showing the quality that is maintained as the image is reduced. The actual pixel size is listed below each image.

Vintage Baby Image Big

Image size 414x500 pixels

Vintage Baby Image Medium

Image size 207x215 pixels

Vintage Baby Image Smallest

Image size 104x125 pixels

Vintage Baby Image tiny

Image size 52x62 pixels

The resolution on these 4 images has been maintained at 600 dpi. The rest of images contained within this web site have been reduced in size and resolution in order to improve the page load time.

Image Duplication

As each scrapbook is scanned, the images are put into an appropriate category like Christmas, Valentine, Birthday etc. and included on an individual CD. Therefore, the same image is not included on multiple CDs. The exception to this is when one particular card just happened to be received by multiple people. That does occur occasionally but not very often.

The only exception is with the speciality CDs, like the Santa and Snowman CDs . These CDs will have all the speciality images that have been scanned so far. For example the Santa Volume 1 has all the Santa images from Christmas Volumes 5 through 11. So these images are duplicates of what has been included on the individual Christmas Volumes. 


Have you ever wanted to create a special hand made card but just couldn't come up with a catchy sentiment for the inside of the card?  No worry, the card sentiments are also included.

Vintage Image Sentiment

So everything needed to create that special project is right here. Wonderful images, catchy sentiments and you don't need anything special to accomplish that spectacular project.


I can ensure that the cards are not under copyright. If there is a potential that there MAY be a copyright, the card is not scanned.  I NEVER sell the original cards. So if a copyright question ever arises, I can always provide evidence that the card is free of copyrights.

The Collection itself is copyright protected. So no copying the collection for your family or friends! The individual images may be used for any type of homemade crafting item.

For additional information on copyright and Terms of Use (TOU) please click here


The CDs are packaged in a plastic clam shell CD case. The labels are on the outside of the case which protects the CD drive from any potential damage.



Vintage Pink Girl Image 1

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