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Vintage Valentine Greeting Card Images CD
Volume 2

Vintage Valentine Volume 2 cd label

Price: US 9.99

The Valentine images on this CD are from many different scrapbooks. It contains adult and children Valentines as well as the wonderful die cut cards that the kids exchange in school.

This CD contains scans of 112 vintage cards with 190+ graphic images and a combined total of 245 images and sentiments.

The cards on this CD date from the 1930s to the early 1960s.

These images are NOT from Internet surfing and using a copy and paste. Each image came directly from an individual card which was individually scanned. Sometimes the image may require some cleanup. This is kept to a minimal level in order to keep the integrity of the original card and maintain the vintage feel of the image. 

The scanned images are high resolution, scanned at 600 dpi and saved in the .jpg format. This provides a high quality image suitable for expansion or reduction in order to satisfy  every image need. Although the size of the resulting .jpg file differs for each image, most of the files are larger than 1.5 meg in size. This results in fewer images per CD but provides a better quality image for your projects. Be aware of the CDs that are promoted with 1,000's of images. These images will generally be low quality or so small that they will be difficult to incorporate into your projects.

Vintage boy and girl image Vintage Man and Woman Image  Vintage Indian Image

Vintage Cupid Image Vintage Girl Image   Vintage Girl with pink heart image

  Watermarks are for display purposes only. They are not on the actual images.

To see a larger sample of  the Vintage Valentine Vol 2 Greeting Card images that are included on this CD please click here Vintage Valentine Volume 2 Images

To see a video showing most of the Vintage Valentine Greeting Card images contained on this CD please   Click Here to View the Video

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